Never Stop!


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released September 16, 2015




KINGPIN Odesa, Ukraine

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Track Name: Pulling Me Back
Thousands hands pulling me back
Not letting me go
Want to get in my way
I lead against their sick world

You waste your life
You waste your time
Your desire to be blind
Is your choice

There isn’t any way to count
My wounds
My armor is weak, but I’m still on my feet

Stand and fight
Track Name: We Know
You say hello
But I’m not sure
If we can trust
What you say

You smile
In my face
But turns out your words are empty

We know you’re a liar
Better not stay
You do it because you’re weak
Because you’re afraid

We Know (x4)
Track Name: Your Move Creep
Your move, creep
Nothing here for you
Now your stop
Your stop

Here you have nothing to prove

Accept it
And just leave
Now your stop
Your stop

You want to talk?
Well let's talk

The power in your hands
Along with your minds
Your spirit is strong
If the shackles are broken

You will be free
To be free
Track Name: Reloaded
If only I hold on a little longer
Do not fall off and do not lose
And despite the heavy burden
Our spirits yet not confused

I reloaded my guns long ago
and I go
I reloaded all my guns long ago
and I go
Track Name: Wounds
Our wounded souls
Don't tremble before the enemy
Sword's raised, we shall fight
Fight to the end

I always knew this day would come
And I have to take the fight
And the world will show its face
And let the crusade begin
Track Name: Bad Times
So many words and they are empty to me
All these worthless talks infuriating me
There is so much suffering but people's minds are dreaming
When will the time come to see reality for what it is

You refuse to see
You refuse to hear
You refuse to live
You have refused to be

We're all destined to struggle going our way
And each new day for us is a severe test
But we can not afford to be blind
We can not afford to lose, we can not afford it

You refuse to see
You refuse to hear
You refuse to live
You have refused to be

Loneliness ain't gonna last long
Not gonna lose my hope
Track Name: Draw The Line (Coldfront cover)
What will you do when your crew gets sick of you?
Tell me what will you do?
Where will you turn when all your bridges burn?
It's time to make amends, or live your life in discontent.

I was so blissful, but you brought me down.
I felt euphoric but now I'm drained.
Don't tell me that you meant well.
You turned my life into a living hell.

What will you do when all your peers turn their backs on you?
Tell me what will you do?
I put up with all your shit, and that's the thanks I get and now I know, I'm better off without you.

Now time for apologies, I've heard them before.
You took up my sweet time, that's where I'm drawing the line.